I'm Antonello, I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and now I'm living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
I'm both a musician - I've played in a folk rock band and did some other related things - and a software engineer, where I've been helping companies in Italy and the Netherlands.
Below you'll fine some of the projects I've been working on, and here some travel photos.


I'm a software engineer, and I've been helping different companies and agencies building their software, you can see my CV on LinkedIn and some of my code on GitHub.

I speak at conferences (check my Sessionize and JoindIn profiles), and these are some of the conference I've enjoyed (or will enjoy) speaking at: I have also some side projects:

CC Music Search

It's a search engine for Creative Commons music, written in Kotlin on and running on Google Cloud. It fetches music from Jamendo, Internet Archive and other services, by genres, instruments or other keywords.
You can try it on, and see source code on GitHub.


A map based travel photos gallery, with automatic place and weather description of the very moment the photos are taken. You can try it on, and see source code on GitHub.


Music for theatre

I compose and record music for an amateur theatre company (L'Eclettica) plays. On Jamendo you can listen, download and license this music, and use it for your own projects:


  • Testing at the boundaries of your application
    Contract tests for reliable test doubles in unit testing, and ensuring consistent behavior across different implementations.
  • How can I trust my test suite?
    Have you ever wondered how you can assess the quality of your automated test suite? Let’s see the metrics and the tools available in the PHP ecosystem that can help you in this journey.